If you took a trip for business or pleasure this past year, you likely observed some changes in the travel scene. Or perhaps it’s your own evolving expectations – on matters like well-being, hygiene, and sustainability – that impacted your experience. Either way, you may have realized you could use a few new items in your bag to make your next excursion even safer and more enjoyable.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of products you can take on your next trip to help usher in this new era of travel. These items make for great holiday presents – whether you’ll be treating yourself to a few goodies this season or plan to forward this post to a loved one who keeps fishing for gift ideas.

Mask on, mask off

Keeping track of clean and dirty face masks has never been easier with Fossil’s ViralOff Face Mask Double Pouch. The two pouches are inscribed with “wear me” and “wash me” so you’re never left wondering where to pull a fresh face covering from when it’s a “masks required” meeting.

The best part is that the pouches have been treated with ViralOff. This antimicrobial solution protects products from viral contamination and shows a 99% reduction of viruses on a treated material within two hours. Now, we know that brings a smile to your face – even if it’s hidden and we can’t see it.

Leave it hanging

There are times, of course, when putting away your mask in a safe spot becomes a nuisance – for instance, when taking it off temporarily during an in-flight dinner service. So, this is when having a chain for your mask – like the kind used for glasses – can be handy.

There are a ton of styles available. One we like is this ultra-stylish tortoise link from Lele Sadoughi. A perfect travel companion, it also doubles as a chain for glasses and even can be worn as a classic chain link necklace.

For those who prefer a more subtle look, check this simple stainless steel chain from Etsy, which comes in gold, silver, and black.

With either choice, being able to easily slip on and off your mask can help save you from a flight attendant having to remind you to put your covering back on when they’re taking away your tray – or worse, when you’ve already dozed off.

Recovery mode

Business travelers know that the jet-setting life can take a toll on one’s body, perhaps even more so now after a prolonged travel hiatus has got them reacquainted with their bed. But your body need not suffer simply because you’re on the move again.

Indie Lee I-Recover Mind & Body Gel can melt away the aches and pains that set in from an eight-hour red-eye flight. The hot-cold sensation of this fast-absorbing thermogenic gel provides instant relief and contains only clean ingredients, such as arnica, black pepper, lavender, eucalyptus, and menthol.

Online reviewers rave it’s the best topical treatment they have used to wipe out the pain of arthritis, fibromyalgia, and surgery, so it must easily eliminate the back and neck aches of a long-haul flight. With its pleasant fragrance and travel-size container, everything about this sore-muscle gel will rub you the right way.

Bring in the miniguns

If you’re experiencing muscle knots as tightly wound as a pretzel twist, a cream like the above may not offer the relief you’re looking for. That’s when it’s time to pull out the big guns – or in this case, a pocket-size version.

Theragun Mini is a percussive massager that will literally knock out your muscle pain. The pulsating, drill-like machine uses fast, soft blows to deliver targeted bursts of pressure deep into the body tissue to loosen knots and improve circulation.

With its compact size and weight (it’s only 1.5 pounds), the device can easily be tossed into your purse or carry-on and taken anywhere you go. And because of its proprietary QuietForce technology, you can use this muscle treatment anytime, anywhere without creating the wrong kind of buzz.

Hold it together

With proof of vaccination the new passport for international travel, travelers need a safe spot to store their vaccine documentation. While digital health passport apps are a convenient way to securely save and present this information, it’s always good to have a hard copy in case a mobile device gets lost or stolen. Plus, since there’s currently no universal digital health passport being used, you may not have the app employed by the country you’re visiting.

With this stylish leather vaccination cardholder, available on Etsy, you can keep all your valuable documents in one place. Made from full-grain crazy horse leather that develops a gorgeous patina the more you use it, the holder has a pocket for your vaccine certificate, passport, and credit card. This way, you won’t be rummaging around your carry-on looking for your paperwork and receiving glares from a line of tired travelers waiting behind you.

Safe for the planet, safe for you

With the pandemic giving people the chance to examine their environmental impact, many have expressed an interest in traveling more sustainably. One way you can become a greener traveler is by forgoing single-use plastics on the road.

Enter Porter Bags from W&P. Coming in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, these sleek reusable silicone bags are perfect for packing on-the-go snacks to enjoy at the airport or hotel. They also are great for your at-home needs – such as cooking, freezing, steaming, and even sous-viding.

To make a complete meal out of it, pair the bags with W&P’s Porter stainless steel silverware. The knife-fork-spoon set comes in a silicone carrying case that keeps it clean during transit so you won’t have to worry about germs.

Now, won’t you eat better knowing you’re not adding to the plastic pollution problem?

Swinging it

Several hotels have closed or limited the use of their fitness studios during the pandemic, giving weary jet-lagged travelers a good reason to crash on the bed instead of hitting the gym.

But not so fast. There are many portable exercise accessories you can pack for a workout on the go.

We love the ingenuity behind the Exerbell, a foldable travel kettlebell. Simply fill the soft-shell bell with water (or sand if you’re at a beach destination) to the weight you desire, roll and cinch the top down tight, and you’re ready to swing, deadlift, squat, and row yourself to a toner body in the comfort of your guest room.

Once you’ve finished your workout, you can empty the contents of the kettlebell, pack it down flat, and slip it into your suitcase – so there’s never an excuse to skip your exercise routine on the road.

More power to you

From checking in for a flight remotely to receiving the latest travel advisories and securing a digital key for their hotel room, travelers increasingly rely on their mobile phones. They certainly cannot risk letting their device die when they are in the middle of using it to hail a ride to the hotel or chat with a travel counselor about a flight delay.

To prevent such an issue, we recommend Anker PowerCore Slim 10000, one of the slimmest and lightest portable chargers on the market. Despite its compact size – it weighs slightly heavier than a baseball – this charger packs a lot of strength. Its exclusive PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies combine to deliver the fastest possible charge with enough juice to resuscitate a dead phone up to three times, so you can power on whenever you may be.

These are just some of our employee favorites as you get back on the road and on the move. To support you along the way, visit our #TravelReady and Traveler Pro Tips microsites. Both are loaded with helpful hints, informative travel resources, and the latest trends shaping the business travel industry. American Express Global Business Travel has your back as you gear up for 2022.